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Expert Source Tiffany Couch is a nationally-recognized expert source on the topic of fraud and financial crimes. Her expertise has been used by The New York Times, Forbes, CNBC, The Wall Street Journal, National Public Radio and Fraud Magazine. Tiffany has also been interviewed for KING 5-TV in Seattle, KGW 8-TV and iHeartRadio in Portland, and News Talk in Alberta, Canada.

OP-ED: Construction and collusion: 10 ways to prevent bid rigging

Bid rigging is a fraudulent scheme in which competing parties collude to corrupt the procurement process. The practice perverts a process that is designed to award contracts to the best and most qualified subcontractor, and disrupts the free-market competition because the rigged price is often higher than what it would have been had the bidding …

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Why Do Auditors So Rarely Find Fraud?

Are we just reading the wrong newspapers and reports or does it seem that auditors—although they spend hours and hours performing audits—rarely identify instances of fraud? Most companies rely on their auditors to uncover irregularities and breathe a sigh of relief when the audit comes up “clean.” Is that reliance misplaced? Probably so, according to this article from “Audits almost never find fraud,” the author writes; the data shows that ” external audits find it 4% of the time, and internal 15%.” Instead, the author suggests, to detect fraud, management should look in a different direction.

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Auditing the Auditor

CFO - Most mid-size to large organizations rely on internal and external audits as a key preventative measure against fraud. The problem is, many CFOs assume that a routine financial audit will reveal financial anomalies that could be fraud. Unfortunately, quite the...

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7 Red Flags to Spot Fraudulent Business Interruption Claims

While the majority of business interruption claims are paid on legitimate loss, an estimated $80 billion in fraudulent claims are made every year in the U.S. When a business experiences a loss that temporarily disrupts its operations, it can file a business interruption claim, also known as a business income loss claim

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Insuring Against Employee Fraud

Imagine finding out that your bookkeeper was forging your signature and issuing herself illicit checks. Or that she was using the company credit card to pay personal bills or buy personal items.

Although unnerving, scenarios like these happen every year to honest business owners. It’s no small potatoes loss, either. Insider fraud costs businesses tens of thousands of dollars because, by the time it’s detected, the theft has occurred over many months, often resulting in a six-figure financial loss that can decimate a company’s solvency.

What motivates an employee to steal from his/her employer?

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Seven Types of Occupational Fraud and How to Curb Each

Lodging Magazine - It can be said that fraud is the second oldest profession in the world: After all, where there’s money, there’s money to steal. It’s also an unfortunate reality that dishonest employees exist in all companies, and the hospitality industry is no...

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