Fraud is not a money problem, it’s a human problem

If you are visiting Acuity Forensics because you are concerned that you are the victim of insider fraud, we want to first convey our sincerest regrets that we are meeting you under these circumstances. We also want to support you through this situation with information, a plan of action, and tools to assist you in your quest for the truth. Understanding fully what has happened will lead to more informed, and less emotional, decisions for you and your organization. Upon first realizing your organization may be a victim of insider fraud, everything can often feel like a complicated puzzle you don’t have the solution for. We’re here to offer you the tools and information to put the pieces back together.

I Found Fraud

The Acuity Forensics Top 10 Action Plan is meant to highlight some of the most important steps you can take when fraud is found or suspected. These action items are highlighted here to help you regain control of your organization, secure key evidence, and timely contact the professionals who can assist you through this process. You may find that for your organization, some steps are necessary and some are not. You may also find that you need to execute them in a different order than listed here.

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Preventing Fraud

When considering fraud prevention and detection tools, it is important to understand that one size does not fit all. And, as an organization expands or contracts, these tools (or processes and procedures), need to be reconsidered to ensure they continue to meet your goals and objectives.

Segregation of duties and internal controls work best when employees understand the importance of their roles, and that implementation of these strategies are not due to their untrustworthiness, but rather because we want to keep your assets safe and your employees safe in their jobs.

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Red Flags Of Fraud

During the course of more than a decade investigating white collar crime, we have identified common themes that are associated with most fraud cases we’ve investigated. It is important to understand and heed these red flags, but it is also important to note that these red flags do not constitute “proof” of actual fraud. It takes documents and information to prove any fraud case.

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Suspect Fraud?

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