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Perhaps you came to our site because you fear, or you already know, that you are the victim of insider fraud. Or, perhaps you’re an owner, manager, or board member and you want to learn more about fraud risk and how to reduce it in your organization.

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Understanding Why

You being here is important to us. Our “why” is helping organizations like yours through some of the most difficult times you will experience. We want to help you find clarity in your situation so that you can make the best decisions possible.

The Information and Tools

That we share here at Acuity Academy are the same information and tools we have created and shared with clients who come to Acuity Forensics for assistance. For more than 10 years, we have assisted organizations of all sizes (from small privately held organizations to publicly-traded ones) through fraud investigations, fraud risk assessments, and other accounting-related conundrums. Our experience and hands-on expertise assisting these clients have revealed patterns and information that we believe should be in the hands of all the people and organizations who need it.

Welcome To

Acuity Academy. Acuity Academy is the preeminent resource for small business, nonprofits, and those that consult with small organizations to educate themselves on the risk of fraud, execute a plan of action in the event that fraud is found, and find unparalleled resources which will assist them in both investigating instances of insider fraud and reducing fraud risk.

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Acuity Forensics is a nationally-recognized forensic accounting firm. We restore confidence by expertly solving complex financial puzzles. Let us help.

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