Here are examples of when you may need a forensic accountant:

  • Attorneys:
    – Fraud at Client’s Company
    – Financial Investigations Involving:
    * Estate and Trust Disputes
    * Minority Shareholder Disputes
    * Divorce Proceedings
    – Contract Disagreements
    – Bankruptcy
    – Business Interruption
    – Onsite CLE Programs

We will identify the key documents you need for your case, analyze financial records, assist you in identifying potential claims, and provide expert witness testimony.


  • CPAs (and Financial Professionals):
    – Client’s Financial Records are a Mess
    – Fraud at Client’s Company
    – Client needs Internal Control/Business Process Review
    – Onsite CPE Programs

Our role is to work with you and your clients to ensure timely and accurate delivery of financial data; consult on internal control issues; or to investigate instances of fraud, waste or abuse.

  • Business Owners:
    – Fraud at my company
    – Accounting records are a mess
    – Policies and procedures need updating
    – Internal control assessments
    – I have a “feeling” that something “isn’t quite right.”

If you find fraud in your company, we will identify the extent of loss, file an insurance claim and assist you and your attorney with the civil and criminal process.

We can help you with business efficiency and fraud deterrence by assessing your internal controls, and working with you to ensure your policies, procedures, and business processes are up to date.