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Making a Case to Work on the Defense

"How could you?!" - not an uncommon thing for me to hear among other professionals in the business of fighting fraud when I tell them I work criminal defense cases. Admittedly, I struggled with the same issue the first time I was called by a defense attorney back in...

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What Message are you Sending?

We have learned more about Port of Seattle CEO Ted Fick’s recent suspension amidst concerns of an unauthorized wage increase, improper gifts from Port tenants, and a potential conflict of interest involving Fick’s father’s company. These are only allegations at this...

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4 Steps to Outsmart Financial Fraudsters

At the start of a new year, the last thing we want to imagine is bad things happening to nice people. But it happens all the time, every day. It’s even happened to me – a forensic accountant.   A year ago, I received a call from our bank informing us that someone had...

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The Gift of Knowing

Earlier this week, I met with a new client, who I understand, has spent years concerned that things “aren’t quite right” with his business’ financials. He’s been afraid to ask basic questions, for fear that doing so will “hurt the feelings” of or “offend” his...

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How a Small Little League Handled a Big Curveball

My client’s former treasurer, a 40 year old woman with a husband and young children at home, was recently sentenced for embezzling funds from the local little league organization. The case resonated with us at Acuity Forensics for many reasons.   First, the victim(s)....

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